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Learn Portuguese from native speakers of Brazil

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Brazil in Chicago

About Us
Batafogo Beach showing brazil culture and city

Promoting Brazil’s language and culture since 2006

Some schools offer Portuguese classes.

We bring Brazil closer to our students. 

Since 2006, our team of experienced teachers have sought to develop the best method to teach Portuguese.

Our unique method combines Brazilian culture and language in the form of conversation to help students master both vocabulary and grammar.

Today, we are proud to say that we have positively impacted the lives of over 1500 of our students, by helping them achieve their goals through the language. 


Currently, we offer on-site classes in Chicago, USA, but you can sign up for our online classes that can be held anytime, anywhere. 


At Brazil in Chicago we offer language classes for groups and individuals online and on-site.

We also provide professional services such as translation, interpreting and voice-overs.

For further information click on the links below. 

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Our Services
Private Classes
Bringing the carnival of brazil to chicago
Group Classes
Our native speaking teachers come from Brazil
& Voiceover

Our conversation-based method is based on an intercultural approach. We want you to speak from lessone one.

Group classes follow a program divided into 10 levels, throughout which students learn to understand, express themselves and converse in Portuguese. 


Group classes for Spanish speakers take advantage of the many similarities between the two languages, resulting in a total of 5 levels. If you speak Spanish, either as a native speaker or as a second language, we strongly recommend taking these classes.

Private classes are tailored based on the student’s goals and strengths.

Brazil in Chicago has a unique teaching method that will help you master Portuguese

Teacher explaining Portuguese grammar to a group of students
Our Method
Reasons for joining

Brazil in Chicago offers classes suited to your reasons for learning Portuguese

Whether you socialize with Brazilians, travel to Brazil,  have a loved one who is a Portuguese speaker, or simply have a passion for languages; Brazil in Chicago is the place to go to master the Portuguese language.

Portuguese teacher explaining grammar to businesswoman

Portuguese for Business

Learn useful vocabulary and ways to communicate in your work environment. Our instructors have built a business specific course to help you confidently converse in situations with your colleagues, clients, and day-to-day tasks. 

Portuguese speaking partner looking at non portuguese speaking partner

Portuguese for Everyday Life

Most of our students choose to learn Portuguese for social reasons. We have built a conversation-based course to help you communicate with everyday vocabulary, situational conversation practice, and more.

Map of latin america showing portuguese and spanish speaking countries

Portugués para Hispanohablantes

Tenemos un método propio para enseñar el portugués desde el español, con un abordaje intercultural que permite más inmersión y especial atención a las diferencias entre los dos idiomas.

Class Level

Whether you are a beginner learning the basics of Portuguese. Or, an advanced speaker looking to practice. Surely there is a class that matches your goals and learning preferences. If you have previous experience studying Portuguese, just request a placement test and we will find the best course for you.

Even if you have studied the language, we can help you attain fluency.

Level one portuguese to learn about daily life in Brazil
Beginner’s Portuguese

Levels: BP1, BP2, BP3, BP4

This level focuses on making a transition from one language to another by following our easy and fun learning method. We have divided our basic course into 4 levels so you can progress from knowing a few words to talking about your daily life, past and plans for the future.

Level two portuguese teaches students about life in brazil
Intermediate Portuguese

Levels: IP1, IP2, IP3

This level is for those who already express themselves in Portuguese but who can benefit from more vocabulary and grammatical structure. Here students advance from talking about their lives to talking about their broader social life, give opinion and express themselves in a more expanded and structured Portuguese. 

Level three portuguese teaches about brazil in detail
Advanced Portuguese

 Levels: AP1, AP2, AP3

At this level the students achieve a conversational level  of the language, not just in writing but also in conversation. Here students will attain enough command to discuss hypothetical situations, engage in opinionated discussions and be aware of the details of the language. 

Learning Portuguese during Covid-19

How does COVID-19 impact our language classes?

As of now, our offline centers are adhering to strict guidelines placed by the US. We have been offering private classes online since 2015, and between February 2020 and March 2021 group classes are being taught via Zoom. We expect to resume our on-site classes in Chicago on March 2021. 

Learn a new language during coronavirus!

Learning a new language during the pandemic can help your mind focus on something productive and reduce negativity. Also, it's a great way to take a virtual holiday, and immerse yourself in another culture without Quarantine.

Is online the best way to learn Portuguese?

Yes! Our unique method of learning Portuguese can also be experienced online. Our virtual classrooms are available at different times  making it the best way to learn Portuguese this lockdown. Join us and make yourself at home at our virtual ‘casa.’ We have both group classes and private tutors available. 

Learn Portuguese Online or Offline with us

At Brazil in Chicago we make learning Portuguese easy by offering both online and offline classes. Both formats are available for students to choose from as per their schedules, and requirements.


All our classes are conversation based, so if you are looking to improve your pronunciation, understand how to construct sentences, or simply looking to practice the language, the best way to learn Portuguese is with Brazil in Chicago. 

portuguese teacher gives students class about portuguese grammar

Learn Portuguese in a group class.

Learning portuguese like they speak in Paraty streets
happy student shayna harris
Shayna Harris

"Due to the teaching style & techniques of Brazil in Chicago, I became a Brazil-o-phile before even landing in Brazil! I was equipped not only with a strong set of communication skills, but a unique insight into Brazilian culture, local girias (Brazilian sayings), practical vocabulary, music, politics, and other current issues."

happy student kirk miller
Kirk Miller

"I first started my Portuguese lessons to prepare for a vacation in Brazil. Little did I know the extent to which I would be able to leverage my Portuguese for my job."

happy student sabrina kinckle
Sabrina Kinckle

"I just received a very good compliment on my Portuguese. My employee here in Brazil told me that many people in the office comment on how good my grammar is. Apparently, they believe my knowledge of grammar in Portuguese is very strong for a foreigner. Yay!!! Thank you for everything!"

Helping our students achieve their language goals.

Brazil in Chicago is a service that connects you with Portuguese. Whether you are looking for Portuguese practice online, or want the best way to learn Portuguese. We are here to help you master it. We also provide translation and corporate services for clients who require them. If you have any further questions or want to enroll in our classes, please contact us through the information provided. 

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Already have some experience with Portuguese? Tell us about it in the form below (preferably in Portuguese), and provide a phone number and the best time to reach you at. We will give you a call, conduct a short interview, and provide you with the best option for you to move forward. 

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