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1500+ happy students

Since 2006, we have witnessed many success stories from our students. Some got that competitive position at work, others found their other half and have built a family with a Brazilian, others are now taking a lot more out of their passion in music, football, capoeira, jiu-jitsu and many other aspects of Brazilian culture. By learning another language you open yourself to another world. What will be your story with the Portuguese language?

“Due to the teaching style & techniques of Brazil in Chicago, I became a Brazil-o-phile before even landing in Brazil! I was equipped not only with a strong set of communication skills, but a unique insight into Brazilian culture, local girias (Brazilian sayings), practical vocabulary, music, politics, and other current issues.”

—  Shayna Harris

woman sitting on a bench looking at the view of brazil
foreign businessman explains in portuguese to four brazilian employees

“I first started my Portuguese lessons to prepare for a vacation in Brazil. Little did I know the extent to which I would be able to leverage my Portuguese for for my job.”

—  Kirk Miller

Yesterday I met three Brazilian violinists, including the very famous Sergio Assad, considered one of the top musicians of classical music. I am always thankful to you guys when I have the opportunity to participate in a conversation with Brazilian musicians. You opened many doors for me, thank you very much!

—  John Beard

Brazilian man holding a violin
Plane in the Sky

“Thanks to Brazil In Chicago I feel well-prepared for my relocation to Brazil, both linguistically and culturally, though I feel quite sorry to lose the tutelage and camaraderie that they have given. Brazil In Chicago is a real gem of an addition to Chicago’s cultural offerings.”

— Jenny Miller


“Lesson's are very useful and practical for learning how Brazilians actually speak.”

— Jeff Frank

“Lesson's are very useful and practical for learning how Brazilians actually speak. The classes are always interesting and I feel like I improve every week. It's a laid back, great atmosphere for learning, and you can really tell that every student enjoys being in class.”

— Matthew Gantz

“The instructors at Brazil in Chicago are outstanding and Marcelo's weekly classes have become one of the highlights of my weekend. As always, they are engaging, instructive, relaxed, easy-to-understand, and a lot of fun.”

— Ricardo Cifuentes

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