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Private Classes

Learn Portuguese 


Online private classes are designed for today's busy life. They are flexible, can be taken anywhere, and allows you to keep a routine in Portuguese regardless of where you are going to be next week.

Enjoy classes customized entirely for you 

Learn at your own pace

The instructor will create a customized plan that makes sense to you, and your goals from learning Portuguese. 

Flexibility on Scheduling

Classes can be scheduled on different days and times depending on your requirements. If you need to reschedule, just give us a day's notice.

The sole focus is you & your learning

A personalized study plan based on your strengths and weaknesses with individualized attention to your pronunciation, use of grammar and vocabulary.

We focus on what you need from the course

Whether your learning requires vocabulary for your industry, or if you need help conversing with a loved one(s) who speaks Portuguese, we can build a personal program for you. We can also prepare you for the Celpe-Bras Exam if required.

We bring Portuguese to you, at your convenience 

During the class the instructor can easily share links, articles, audios and videos that enhance the learning experience. our chat log is stored in the cloud and keeps record of the class, with explanations, notes, files and assignments. Easily access them from anywhere, anytime.

And all that for not much more than group classes.

Consult us for current rates and special packages.

What will I learn at Brazil in Chicago?

All of our classes are conversation-based, and we base on how we all communicate in our own languages in order to create a program that makes sense and constantly expands your life in this new language and cutlure. 

Why take private classes with Brazil in Chicago?

A customized class plan is developed based on the student's needs, taking into consideration any previous knowledge of Portuguese and/or other languages.

The nice thing about Online classes is that...

the tutor and the student can use any material available on the internet: videos, audio, news, articles, etc.

Access Portuguese anytime, anywhere.

convenience of a mobile device (such as tablet and/or smartphone), and you can dedicate a little bit of your time to access information in Portuguese.  Another great aspect of these classes is that you have the chat log for your records and can access it anytime, anywhere. All learning materials are included with the online private classes.

Looking for a group class instead...

When deciding the best way to learn Portuguese to achieve your language goals, it is important to find the right way of learning for you. Along with private classes, we also offer group classes for those who prefer to learn with others. Both classes are great ways to learn Portuguese in their own right. Click on the link below to see what benefits our group classes offer.  

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