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Frequent Asked Questions


Which is better for me: private lessons or group classes?

How long will it take for me to become fluent?

How much grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation will I get?

Do you give homework? What other assignments do you give outside class?

How do I know if I am progressing? Do you grade your students?

I have no interest in Brazil but in Portugal. Since it’s so difficult to find a Portuguese tutor, would I be OK learning from a Brazilian?

My friends are all from Rio de Janeiro, will I have problems learning from someone who is not from there?

How effective are online private classes?

Student with Previous Knowledge

I have traveled to Brazil/Portugal. Do I need to take Portuguese I?

I speak Spanish fluently and can understand Portuguese. Can’t I just join the conversation class?


How do I enroll?

What if there is not enough students to form a class?


How do I pay for the classes? Do you take credit cards?

What is your reimbursement policy?

What if I miss a class? Do I get a make-up class?

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